Freight transport concept state capital Düsseldorf

Since the beginning of 2022, motion-X, together with Benz + Walter and LNC LogisticNetwork Consultants, has been developing the Düsseldorf freight traffic concept on behalf of the Office for Traffic Management of the state capital, Düsseldorf. The Düsseldorf freight transport concept - with a time horizon until 2035 - is intended to function as a strategic framework for managing urban freight transport.
Urban freight transport is shaped by the quality of existing services and logistical structures as well as by the performance and control of public transport networks. Thus, freight transport not only ensures the availability of goods for the population as end customers, but also for manufacturing industry and wholesale traders and is thus highly relevant for the competitiveness and accessibility of

Therefore, it is crucial to create appropriate strategic framework conditions and to proactively manage their implementation in order to ensure the functioning of urban freight transport - in a way that is compatible with the city, environmentally friendly and appropriate for the future. The logistics industry is growing and with it the volume of traffic and emissions, driven above all by the increase in demand from e-commerce. In the context of these developments and not least because of the climate emergency declared in 2019, there is a need for action on the part of the state capital, Düsseldorf.

Under the guiding principle "Strengthen competitiveness, ensure accessibility", the state capital of Düsseldorf has set itself the goal of promoting efficient and environmentally friendly commercial transport. To this end, the freight transport concept is being developed in an integrative approach from the national Mobility Plan D (for Germany), which bundles measures and combines them into an overall strategy. The fundamentally high levels of acceptance of new approaches and the willingness for change in urban freight transport are an important basis for successfully implementing the freight transport concept. The preparation of the freight transport concept will, therefore, be accompanied by a modern, multi-layered, participative process that involves relevant participants from business, politics and public administration.